First Blog Post!

So here's the thing. I love taking pictures. Nothing makes me more excited than capturing the perfect photo of beautiful people in the perfect setting. But something I'm also realizing about myself is that I love writing. Like to the point where I actually kind of looked forward to writing all those college papers (nerd alert, amiright?). I could crank out a 3-page paper on exegesis in like 20 minutes. I wasn't proud of that fact or anything... ;) I've noticed, however, that I haven't actually written a lot of anything other than grocery lists and thank you notes since I graduated. I was never on track to write the next great American novel or anything, but I definitely enjoyed writing. Funny enough, I didn't realize how much I missed it until I sat down to write this blog post with my cup of coffee and Green River Ordinance playing softly in the background. So this blog will include photo shoots and lots of pictures, but also some of my thoughts as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy following along! See ya soon! -Katrina

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