Levi & Felicia

There's something special about the first wedding of the season. It may sound weird but there's a freshness and excitement to that first shoot. When I sat down with Felicia before the wedding, I could tell the love between her and Levi was just that––fresh and exciting. The way she talked about her fiancé was giddy, can't-stop-smiling, in love. Their wedding day was also memorable because it was split into two shoots. We did a more informal "engagement"-styled shoot the day before in Wash Park and it was STUNNING. We couldn't have asked for better photo-taking weather and we just spent the hour and a half or so smiling and laughing amidst majestic old trees. The next day was the exchanging of vows and rings in downtown Denver and another small couple's session at Union Station. They were so comfortable around each other and they kept each other laughing the whole day. That spring day, standing among the blossoming trees and watching Levi and Felicia commit their lives to each other and getting to celebrating with them, is a day I'll never forget!

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