Nothing as sweet as twins...

I had the absolute privilege of photographing the newborn Wilson twin brothers and their beautiful family. Their two older brothers were in love, I could tell, and were so proud to show them off to me. They kept leaning over to kiss one twin or the other and wanted to do nothing but hold and play with them. I honestly don't know how I kept my composure during those displays of brotherly affection. Ugh. Seriously just the cutest. And those twin boys' parents––superheroes. They were one of the most loving, patient, giving, and nurturing parenting units I've ever seen. Parenting four boys is, I'm sure, not always one of the easiest jobs out there, but these two made it look easy. This shoot was one of the most "real" I've done. The twins were crying through a lot of it, the two older boys were distracted by their toys and new brothers, and Mom and Dad were laughing through the midst of it, knowing that this is just what life with four boys is. Needless to say, the photos I got were full of joy, laughter, love, and lots of sweet moments of real life.

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