Seasons of change

We all go through seasons in our life that help define us, for better or worse. I tend to be more introspective when it's cloudy and rainy and as I write this, it's raining outside, so I'm reflecting on some of the more recent changes in my life. In fact, I am in the midst of a season marked with lots of change: housing, job, career-building change which leaves me reminiscent and a little nostalgic for less tumultuous times. I am terrible with change. Something as minuscule as moving a chair across the living room or getting a new haircut takes some serious adjusting to and I tend to like things done in a certain way. I appreciate order and plans and recipes. To-do lists are my jam. I have a reasoning behind the way everything is organized in my home and can tell if something is misplaced. My poor husband... As you can imagine, any sort of move or job transition is difficult for me. We recently just moved from our very first apartment (hello nostalgia) to our new apartment across town and while it feels like home now, it took a long time for me to fully adjust. Being a pretty fierce homebody during a move is stressful! As I'm pondering these last few months, however, I feel very grateful for every change in my life that led me to this point. Even some of the most difficult seasons or changes I've experienced have led to some of the biggest successes, joys, and breakthroughs in my life. Growing is painful and learning requires sacrifice, but the end result is a life well lived. As E. E. Cummings puts it, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are". It requires work, patience with yourself, and large amounts of hope. But it's fully worth it.

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