Marvelous McConnells

This family shoot is one of my favs. Not just because the pictures turned out awesome but also because the shoot was so memorable. Terell and Corey are so chill and fun to be around and Sloaney Bologna is the cutest little firecracker you ever did see. We actually had to reschedule the shoot the first time because it was SO COLD so when the day of the second attempt shoot rolls around, we were all extra stoked. Unfortunately, it was raining right when we were supposed to meet so I met them at Fuzzy's in Old Town Arvada to wait it out and got to hear how they met and fell in love. What a way to wait out the rain, amiright? When the rain let up and we finally got to shooting, Sloane was ready to stretch out her legs a little. Or a lot. The majority of the shoot was the three of us trying to catch up to her and get her to look at the camera. This shoot was so full of laughter and sweet little moments with Sloane and her parents that made it so worth the rescheduling and rain. What a gem of a family.

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