Sweet Sellars

Whew! This summer is turning out to be a whirlwind of weddings, traveling, and family plans. Amidst the happy chaos of this summer, its refreshing to meet a couple that is so relaxed, so in love with each other, and so vibrant that you just can't keep yourself from smiling. This shoot with David and Sarah was so much fun and so unique. I met them through a mutual friend, Jason, who is also a photographer. When the day of the shoot came, my husband, John, and Jason, and I drove up to Conifer with David and Sarah and the three of us got to all shoot their pre-wedding photos! It's not everyday that a couple gets photographed from three angles and that I get to shoot with two other talented photographers. We had so much fun and David and Sarah were so easy to work with and so genuine in their relationship with each other. I loved getting the opportunity to photograph the love and the silliness of their relationship. Congrats, Sellars!

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