Jeff + Yuliya

I love morning weddings. There's a certain urgency and excitement that comes with a couple just so excited to be married, they can't stand the thought of waiting through the entire day to say "I do". This bride and groom were exactly that: eager to start their life together as man and wife and full of sweet anticipation of the beautiful day before them.

When I arrived at Yuliya's house to photograph her getting ready, Jeff was just getting there too. He was toting things back and forth to and from the venue, making sure Yuliya was ok (through the "telephone" system of bridesmaids, of course), and washing their getaway ride: his motorcycle. The devotion I saw that morning was, I'm sure, the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the love this groom had for his bride. Yuliya, in turn, made sure that Jeff was taken care of and I could hear the love and care she had for him in questions as simple as, "Does Jeff have his eye drops? Make sure he gets those before he leaves!" I love whenever I see a small glimpse into the future of these couples I shoot. I feel like with those small words and acts of service, I can see a lifetime of love and friendship ahead of them and I just can't help but root for their love story. Sure, life can be hard. Sure, marriage isn't always easy, but the commitment and devotion to loving your spouse in the simple, mundane things of life is what a strong, sacrificial marriage is built on. And these two are building just that. Congratulations, Jeff and Yuliya!

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