Josh + Kiersten

Sometimes a surprise guest at a wedding is a good thing. Sometimes it's even ok if this surprise guest shows up super casual wearing the jersey of his favorite school. But only if it's the mascot of the bride and groom's alma mater who makes a grand entrance to the dance floor and dances to Taylor Swift all night long. Josh and Kiersten are college sweethearts who met in a campus ministry at what they would say is the best school around, CU Boulder. Kiersten is the only person I know who loves Taylor Swift more than me (and WILL steal the dance floor if you start playing her songs), but still looked at her husband like he was the biggest celebrity to her, and Josh was the most easygoing groom whose devotion to his new bride was the sweetest part of the day. One of my favorite photos of the whole day is down below toward the bottom of the page. We had just finished up their portraits and they were about to have their first dance, when Kiersten realized her shoes were all muddy. Without hesitating, Josh found some paper towels and immediately started wiping off her shoes in the dim light of the side room, surrounded by empty glasses and and an elf hat (because why wouldn't there be an elf hat at a July wedding?). One of the less-glamorous moments of the day, but the one that spoke volumes about their relationship and their commitment to serving each other through the glamour and the mud of their lives together. It was such a privilege to photograph your wedding, Josh and Kiersten. Congratulations and best wishes!

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